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What Does the Flexibility of Cloud Offer for the Future of FinServ Technology?

Whether you’re currently cloud-last or cloud-first, from proof-of-concept to full-production, any future technology discussion has to consider cloud. More than anything, cloud offers flexibility in all of the dimensions of scalability, with capability and capacity, incorporating redundancy and security, and including new technologies, new applications, and new approaches, such as AI. As you build toward the future, you need to ask: How can cloud help you?

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Can We Speculate on the Future of Crypto Based on What We Know Today?
Are We Emerging or Are We Beyond the Crypto Hype Cycle?

An exploration of how data analytics can help project the risk and vulnerabilities of high growth crypto platforms. Can we trust an autonomous currency that has no government or natural resource backing and no reserve requirement? How can HPC and AI address the scale and forking challenges of global currency adoption and accelerate POS adoption of crypto currency and exchanges?

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Frustratingly Complicated, Quantum Computing is Racing Towards Deployable Applications That Promise to Upend Much of FinTech. Are You In or Out?

The financial industry likes sure bets. So why is it chasing quantum computing? Can quantum computing’s unpredictable magic be harnessed for outsized gains in portfolio optimization, derivatives trading, and cybersecurity? This session will look (a little) at what quantum computing is and (a lot) at what it might accomplish in FinTech.

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Pushing the Limits on Data Management While Avoiding the Curse of GIGO

More data means better results. But maintaining petabytes or exabytes of training data for neural networks poses unique challenges, especially in financial services. What are best practices at the extreme end of the data management spectrum, including tips on data governance, regulatory compliance, and avoiding the Curse of GIGO (garbage in, garbage out)?

HPC + AI Wall Street returns to a live conference and trade show in NYC in Fall 2022.

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