Virtual Event Series

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The New HPC for Financial Markets

January 12, 2022

In this session, you’ll hear from financial market experts on how HPC is evolving to encompass new workloads and new technologies. From analytics to machine learning, across algorithmic trading and forecasting value-at-risk, the ways high-performance technologies are deployed in financial services are expanding to new types of scalability. Andrew Paterson, Product Owner, High Performance Computing at ING, will provide an overview of his organization’s HPC strategies. He will be joined by representatives from Converge Networks, NVIDIA, and Dell Technologies in a panel discussion moderated by industry analyst Addison Snell of Intersect360 Research.

AI and ML in Financial Services

January 27, 2022

In this session, you’ll learn how financial institutions are using AI and machine learning (ML) to analyze massive amounts of data and improve both their top and bottom lines. Through AI/ML, financial services firms can radically increase the personalization of banking services for clients and anticipate their needs – often before the customer even knows they need the service. AI/ML is also significantly improving fraud detection and prevention, along with spotting anomalous situations before they become a problem. Better predictive models are reducing loan risk and lowering back-office costs as technology reduces repetitive tasks and automates workflows. TD Securities will be the keynote presenter for this session, followed by a panel discussion which includes representatives from Converge Technologies, AMD Enterprise Solutions, and Dell Technologies. Industry analyst Dan Olds from Intersect360 Research will be hosting and moderating this event.

Quantitative Finance

March 9, 2022

HPC technologies coupled with machine learning are revolutionizing quantitative finance, allowing a much deeper understanding of how markets work and how to best navigate increasingly complex financial waters. Through the use of cutting-edge HPC technology, vast amounts of data can be quickly and efficiently analyzed and acted upon while it is still relevant. A representative from the Oxford Man Institute of Quantitative Finance will discuss how advanced technology and AI/ML is used to more accurately model markets and discover what how and why particular markets move. Following this keynote, there will be a panel discussion featuring industry experts from Intel, Graphcore, and Dell Technologies, moderated by Dan Olds from industry analyst firm Intersect360 Research.

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March 23, 2022

The impact of fraud in FSI is rapidly expanding with the increase of digital transactions and data. High-performance computing, AI, advanced data analytics, and now Swarm Learning have the power to prepare, predict, and prevent fraud in real-time. Swarm Learning can help increase the predictability and accuracy through an aggregate of insights – not data – to keep your data safe and on-prem. Explore the power and impact of AI for fraud detection. Mark Volk of Hewlett Packard Enterprise will discuss HPC/AI and the layering of Swarm Learning to help foster stronger fraud detection in the financial services industry. Following this keynote, there will be a presentations and a panel discussion featuring industry experts from HPE, TigerGraph, and AMD, moderated by Dan Olds from industry analyst firm Intersect360 Research. Explore the power and impact of AI for fraud detection!

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April 6, 2022

Graph databases are working behind scenes of many applications you use every day. When you enter terms into a search engine, you’re tapping into a knowledge graph. Your connections on social media platforms are built on network graphs. But graphs, backed by the power of AI, can be used to simplify and provide insight into some of the most complex challenges impacting the financial services sector, including fraud reduction and understanding your customers. Harry Powell, Industry Solutions Lead at TigerGraph, will be the keynote presenter. You’ll also get sneak peek of how graph delivers insights on connected data, followed by a panel discussion including AI industry thought leaders from Lenovo and TigerGraph. Industry analyst Dan Olds from Intersect360 Research will host and moderate this event.

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April 20, 2022

Requirements for FinTech customers have changed, and accessing only a small amount of data in real time is no longer acceptable. How can new architectures enable customers to build exascale systems without sacrificing performance, cost, resilience, or manageability? Jeff Denworth, CMO and a co-founder of VAST Data, will discuss how VAST breaks the decades-old storage performance and capacity tradeoff to enable at-scale processing of market data on a single tier of scalable, affordable flash. Following this keynote, there will be a technical presentation and a panel discussion featuring Kevin Tubbs, SVP Strategic Solutions Group at Penguin Computing, and Jeff Denworth, moderated by Dan Olds from industry analyst firm Intersect360 Research. 

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