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ParTec AG specializes in the development and manufacture of AI supercomputers based on its modular high-performance computing (HPC) systems and quantum computers (QC) as well as the associated system software. The offering also includes consulting and support services in all areas of the development, construction and operation of these modern systems. The concept of dynamic modular system architecture (dMSA) is the result of more than ten years of research and was developed by ParTec as a novel system design for massively parallel high computing systems. The dMSA and the underlying ParaStation Modulo Software Suite, which was developed and is maintained by ParTec, have proven to be particularly suitable for the complex requirements of massive computing power in artificial intelligence.

With its component-based system architecture, ParTec’s quantum computer are designed in a modular, qubit-agnostic approach that can accommodate different QPU types and quantum computing modalities. The holistic full-stack solution also comprises an integration software to bridge between classical and quantum computing, an emulator acting as a digital twin of the physical system, as well as an open source-based programming user environment.

Further information about the company and ParTec AG’s innovative solutions in the field of high-performance computing and quantum computing can be found at www.par-tec.com.

At CIQ, we believe that true success—both in business and life—emanates from doing the right thing. Our ethos is built around the idea that we are part of something larger than ourselves and that real growth is a collective effort. We’re committed to supporting our community of innovators, builders, and leaders because we understand that each individual has a unique role in shaping the future. Our mission is to simplify and unify software infrastructure, enabling you to craft groundbreaking technologies for future generations.

Learn more at https://ciq.com

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With more than 20 years of experience in HPC platforms, Penguin Solutions is at the forefront of the generative AI revolution. In fact, we have designed, built, and managed some of the largest and most powerful AI supercomputers in the world. And today we are managing over 50,000 NVIDIA® GPUs for AI training. Penguin unites smart people, open technologies, and value-add services so your business can harness the power of emerging technologies like AI and edge computing. We consistently deliver new capabilities before customers realize they are available or possible. This helps you maintain your competitive advantage and releases substantial time and resources. We’re the people to talk to when you’re facing the most complex technology project of your career. Penguin Solutions is part of the SGH family of brands.

Learn more at https://www.penguinsolutions.com.


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Supermicro (NASDAQ: SMCI) is a global leader in Application-Optimized Total IT Solutions. Founded and operating in San Jose, California, Supermicro is committed to delivering first to market innovation for Enterprise, Cloud, AI, and 5G Telco/Edge IT Infrastructure. We are transforming into a Total IT Solutions provider with server, AI, storage, IoT, and switch systems, software, and services, while delivering advanced high-volume motherboard, power, and chassis products. The products are designed and manufactured in-house (in the US, Taiwan, and the Netherlands), leveraging global operations for scale and efficiency and optimized to improve TCO and reduce environmental impact (Green Computing). Our award-winning portfolio of Server Building Block Solutions® allows customers to optimize for their exact workload and application by selecting from a broad family of systems built from our flexible and reusable building blocks that support a comprehensive set of form factors, processors, memory, GPUs, storage, and cooling solutions.

Learn more at https://www.supermicro.com.

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CDW Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and member of the S&P 500 Index, provides a broad array of products and services ranging from hardware and software to integrated IT solutions such as security, cloud, hybrid infrastructure, and digital experience. CDW services more than 250,000 business, government, education, and healthcare customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada to help navigate an increasingly complex IT market and maximize return on their technology investments.

Learn more at https://www.cdw.com.

WEKA is the data platform provider for AI and other performance-intensive workloads leading a paradigm shift in how data is stored, processed, and managed. The WEKA® Data Platform is a software solution that transforms legacy data architectures and stagnant data silos into dynamic data pipelines that power GPUs efficiently and fuel generative AI, ML, and HPC workloads seamlessly and sustainably. Its advanced cloud-native architecture is optimized to solve complex data challenges at scale, delivering 10-100x performance improvements across edge, core, cloud, hybrid, and multicloud environments. WEKA helps the world’s leading data-driven organizations accelerate research and discovery breakthroughs and business outcomes.

Learn more at https://www.weka.io.

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InspireSemi is an Austin-based chip design company that has built a technology foundation that delivers best-in-class performance, energy efficiency, versatility, and a thriving open software ecosystem. This enables it to address the multiple, diversified markets of High Performance Computing (HPC), AI, graph analytics, and blockchain. It has a disruptive and strongly differentiated accelerated computing solution compared to existing approaches for these markets. InspireSemi is led by an accomplished team with a proven track record and is leveraging an efficient operating model with world-class outsourced manufacturing partners (e.g., TSMC, ASE). Leading industrial companies, national labs, computer OEMs, and crypto mining companies value InspireSemi’s technology, innovative North America design team, and predictable supply chain.

Learn more at https://inspiresemi.com.

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