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The multibillion-dollar HPC + AI market is growing, and FinTech spending will increase in 2021 to stay current on the latest advances in HPC and analytics. The expected 5-year CAGR between 2018–2022 is almost 30% for High Performance Data Analytics and AI, with the coming three years seeing a spike.

Advanced analytics and computing solutions are meeting the needs of digitally savvy consumers and “always connected” consumer and business subscribers. HPC is driving the R&D advances for next-gen customer engagements and experiences. As AI continues to mature, it is now positioned to grow faster than other technology markets.


  • Reach two highly-qualified FinTech audiences: Leadership and Technology

  • Showcase how your high performance solution drives innovations in banking and FinTech

  • Speak with all stakeholders involved in strategizing, acquiring, and implementing FinTech solutions


  • Network with peers and partners in small groups and individually through unique environments

  • Find opportunities to partner with other vendors on FinServ-specific solutions


  • Be seen as a FinTech leader. Position yourself as the expert solutions provider they’re all coming to see and learn from

  • Help shape the shared industry definitions of the terms we all use (AI, ML, HPC)

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