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The multibillion-dollar HPC + AI market is growing, and FinTech spending will increase in 2021 to stay current on the latest advances in HPC and analytics. The expected 5-year CAGR between 2018–2022 is almost 30% for High Performance Data Analytics and AI, with the coming three years seeing a spike.

Advanced analytics and computing solutions are meeting the needs of digitally savvy consumers and “always connected” consumer and business subscribers. HPC is driving the R&D advances for next-gen customer engagements and experiences. As AI continues to mature, it is now positioned to grow faster than other technology markets.


  • Reach two highly-qualified FinTech audiences: Leadership and Technology

  • Showcase how your high performance solution drives innovations in banking and FinTech

  • Speak with all stakeholders involved in strategizing, acquiring, and implementing FinTech solutions


  • Network with peers and partners in small groups and individually through unique environments

  • Find opportunities to partner with other vendors on FinServ-specific solutions


  • Be seen as a FinTech leader. Position yourself as the expert solutions provider they’re all coming to see and learn from

  • Help shape the shared industry definitions of the terms we all use (AI, ML, HPC)

Who Attends

Percentage of Attendees by Title/Position

Percentage of Attendees by Industry

Selected Attendees

boa Bank of America logo Ritesh Jain (Vice President) jpmc JP Morgan Chase logo Ritesh Jain (Executive Director) HSBC HSBC logo Ritesh Jain (Head of Digital Technology Delivery) tda TD Ameritrade logo Ritesh Jain (Head of Blockchain) co CapitalOne logo Ritesh Jain (Senior Manager, Cloud & Big Data) cr Credit Suisse logo Ritesh Jain (Data Scientist/Data Architect) tds TD Securities logo Ritesh Jain (Director of Cloud Big Data) ts Tellson Securities logo Ritesh Jain (Managing Director) jnk JNK Securities logo Ritesh Jain (CEO) ccabc Capital Cities/ABC logo Ritesh Jain (Director, IT) tbol TBOL logo Ritesh Jain (CIO) citi Citi logo Ritesh Jain (Senior Vice President)