Unify and Automate Data Across Any Storage, Any Data Center, Any Cloud, Anywhere

High-performance computing applications, web-scale storage systems, and modern enterprises increasingly have the need for a data architecture that will unify data at the edge, as well as in data centers and clouds. These organizations with massive-scale data requirements need automated data orchestration coupled with the extreme high performance of a parallel file system and a standards-based solution that will be easy to deploy on machines with diverse security and build environments. In this session you will learn:

  • How to unify data created in different clusters and locations into a single namespace, and place locally to applications and compute for processing and AI
  • The latest technologies available to deliver parallel file system performance from data sets stored in a hybrid cloud environment
  • The latest in standards-based technologies available for data orchestration and storage at mass scale
  • How to secure data at a global level to ensure protection, governance, and access rights are maintained no matter where data is being used or stored

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