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Infrastructure Development

High Performance Infrastructures for High Performance Teams

Financial Services leaders are consistently challenged to increase ROI/ROIC using strategic technology acquisitions to adopt next-gen technology, while managing legacy applications and data gravity. Delivering hyperscale infrastructures has become the standard in Financial Services for high performance teams to excel and exceed expectations

Leadership Track

No Compromise: Big Memory on Wall Street

Charles Fan, Co-Founder and CEO, MemVerge

The lifeblood of HPC + AI on Wall Street is massive data sets processed in-memory for real-time applications like high-frequency trading, fraud detection, and regulatory compliance, to name just a few. The growth of real-time data is crushing memory infrastructure, resulting in a great compromise. Find out how real-time data differentiates you from the pack.

Technology Track

Maximizing Scale to Remove Operational Risk and Find Opportunity

Kurt Kuckein, Vice President of Marketing, DDN

With data at the heart of risk analytics, organizations are seeking to use ever-expanding data sets to manage risk and transform their operations. As these data sets grow and potential linkages get more complex, new strategies need to be implemented for data management and storage. Find out why AI and advanced analytics require new infrastructure choices to be able to respond quickly in changing environments.
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Data and Analytics

Exploring the Future in FinTech and Global Banking

In a fast-paced, data-driven market, the determination between winners and losers has become a race to insight. Insight about market trends, insight about customer practices and patterns, and understanding the speed to insight is what drives the analytic and data consumption phenomenon that we’ll continue to experience for the foreseeable future. To understand market differentiation and market advantage, it’s important to understand the baseline strategies for analytics and data consumption available in Financial Services. Data strategy therefore drives analytics strategy.

Leadership Track

Analytical Data and its Role in Regulating Risk to Ensure Sustained Growth

Nick Curcuru, Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics Partners

Organizations look at risk, security, and privacy as check-box expense items, but in this digital-savvy world, they should be seen as providing sustained growth. Organizations need to invest in these solutions not only to protect themselves and develop simple business models to justify investment, but also to be able to use these investments to create a competitive advantage and develop trust in the marketplace with their customers.

Technology Track

Accelerating Insights From Your Data

Shimon Ben-David, Field CTO, WekaIO

Data continues to accumulate at an ever increasing pace. With new AI technology and data science techniques augmenting already massive HPC challenges, it’s not enough to design “one size fits all” solutions, nor is it possible to have a special purpose system for every problem. Design centered around data, with high performance storage, networking, and compute that can deliver for HPC and AI workloads isn’t easy. But it’s possible.
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Crypto Innovation in a Highly Regulated Environment

Meeting the Demands of Digital Consumers

Disruptive technologies such as cryptocurrencies, IoT, streaming analytics, etc. require a thorough understanding of regulatory oversight and regulatory mandates, in order to ensure that these technologies eliminate risk and drive opportunities for Financial Services.

Leadership Track

Crypto Innovation and the Future of Money

Shahin Khan, Founding Partner and Analyst, OrionX

Money has many dimensions. When money goes digital, an opportunity suddenly exists to disaggregate all those dimensions, selectively re-aggregate them for a specific use, and then make it programmable, as well as open source, low cost, etc. Based on current activity, a breakthrough in adoption is realistic and imminent.

Technology Track

What’s Driving the Maturation of the Digital Asset Class, and Who’s Behind the Wheel?

Kristin Boggiano, Co-Founder and President, CrossTower

This session examines key drivers behind the maturation of the digital asset class, including recent regulatory developments, DeFi versus CFi, institutional trends, and the importance of partnership to industry growth.

Morning Keynote

Leaning Into Digital Assets Guided by the Voice of the Consumer

Sunayna Tuteja, Head of Digital Assets and Blockchain at TD Ameritrade

The time is now to rethink and refresh the framework for the future of money, because what may seem like novelty today can rapidly become a necessity tomorrow. As paradigms shift on a digital dime and consumer expectations leapfrog, it is imperative for incumbents to explore and engage with both blockchain technology as well as the emerging asset class.

Ritesh Jain headshot

Afternoon Keynote

It’s Not Just Open Banking, It’s a Journey Towards Open Finance

Ritesh Jain, (Former) COO, Global Head of Digital Technology Foundation, HSBC

Open banking is disrupting financial services globally, and has introduced new opportunities through the democratization of data and services. The success of open banking points to the development and execution of emerging value networks that accelerate time-to-market, cost-effective, and best-in-class customer experiences, and new ecosystem-driven business models. Open banking has created the opportunity for data and services monetization at a global scale, and is opening up doors for new strategic partnerships aimed at delivering data-driven digital services. The future offers even greater possibilities — it’s just the beginning for Open Finance!

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